General grill maintenance has never been so easy.

Your grill collects harmful bi-products which can be harmful if not dealt with.

Aside from being a fire hazard, a dirty grill this can end up leaking melted fat and spilling it around your grill.

A quick clean with Sizzle Buddy will have your grill looking and brand new and prevent flavouring your food with char

Grab yours below whilst it's on sale!

  • Lisa M

    Brilliant piece of kit - cleaned the bbq grill in situ and no need for the kitchen sink to be covered in splatters of bbq’ed food! Would definitely recommend

  • Ben J

    I have a history of buying random stuff late at night on the internet, and most of it turns out to be rubbish. When the sizzle buddy arrived I thought I'd done it again. But this is outstanding. Grill hasn't been this clean in ages. Scrubbed effectively and efficiently without much effort!

  • Emma C

    It’s Excellent! Because it holds the water and is right there, I gave the BBQ a quick once over as soon as I had served up the food. Before the family had finished dishing up the sides the grill was clean and ready for its next use!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way for me to use my SizzleBuddy? 

The SizzleBuddy was developed to clean the most stubborn of greasy and dirty barbecues. The built-in water reservoir means that it excels at cleaning whilst you’re cooking but it will also clean your grill in-situ either before or after use without you having to take the grill into the kitchen, clean under a tap or in the dreaded bowl in the garden… 

The SizzleBuddy comes with a stainless-steel brush which, when combined with water from the built-in reservoir, will clean the majority of burnt in meat, grease and char. For anything that the brush can’t remove there’s the tough stainless-steel scraper which comes with two grill bar cut outs which will help you clean those hard to get at parts of your grill. 

What can I use the scraping tool on? 

The scraping tool works really when used at a 70/290 degree angle to scrape along the bars of your grill and really lift off burnt on grease, meat and char. Working the scraper up and down the bars, ideally used in conjunction with our SizzleBuddy BBQ Cleaning Solution for a really satisfying clean. Use the cut-outs in the scraping tool to run along the sides of the bar where the scraper and brush find it harder to clean. The SizzleBuddy really is the only barbecue cleaning tool you’ll need.

Can I use my SizzleBuddy on any barbecue? 

You can use your Boot Buddy 2.0 on any muddy footwear; boots, wellies, hiking shoes etc. We know that water and suede don’t mix so please bare that in mind if you are cleaning a shoe with any suede. 

How do I fill up my SizzleBuddy with water? 

It’s easy… The scraping tool end of your SizzleBuddy unscrews so that you can fill it with 300ml of water. Make sure the valve on the neck is in the ‘closed’ position if you’re not intending to use it immediately.

How do I make my SizzleBuddy watertight and then open it to get water out? 

The brush end of your SizzleBuddy has a neck that twists to open and close the valve to either release water or to make your SizzleBuddy watertight. The neck twists anti-clockwise to open and clockwise to close. Make sure you’re holding your BootBuddy with the brush facing up before you open it and please be careful, the brushes can prick you if you’re not careful.

 Can I put fluids other than water in my Sizzle Buddy? 

Absolutely. We recommend using the SizzleBuddy BBQ Cleaning Solution which can be added to the water reservoir of your SizzleBuddy.