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Boot Buddy 2.0 - Black

Boot Buddy 2.0 - Black

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Meet Boot Buddy, The Portable Sneaker and Cleat Cleaner That Allows You to Clean Your Footwear Wherever You are. 

A Must-Have item For Anyone Who Plays Sports Such as Football, Soccer, Golf, Lacrosse or Just Loves Having Clean Sneakers
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    This is the most effective shoe cleaner available on the market.

    Key Benefits:

    Strong bristles for maximum cleaning efficiency Body holds 300ml of water.

    Perfect for on-the-go cleaning.

    Scraper removes big chunks of dirt & mud with ease.

    What’s Great About Boot Buddy 2.0?

    Softer Body for easy grip in colder conditions.

    Scraper is more pointed to remove chunks of mud more effectively. New bristles to aid cleaning Every Boot Buddy now comes with a free branded microfibre towel for cleaning.

    Packaging uses 70% recycled card.

    Why Boot Buddy:

    One year protection Waranty, we will always make sure you're happy with out product

    Winner of Horner's Award For Design

    How To Use

    How To Use:

    1. Unscrew the scraper end, fill with water and then screw the scraper  back on 

    2. Untwist the bristle end to open the head and unlock the water flow 

    3. Squeeze the middle of the Boot Buddy to help water flow and clean your shoes

    Here is a quick video showing the effectiveness of the Boot Buddy !


    Shipping Info

    How long will it take to arrive after you've ordered your Boot Buddy?

    All orders are shipped from our warehouse in the United States and arrive within 3 days of purchase.

    Our products arrive in a 100% recyclable giftable box as shown !

    Frequently Asked

    What can I use the scraping tool on? 

    The scraping tool works really well on clogged up, difficult to dislodge mud and dirt. Whether this is in the treads of your sneakers or shoes or around the studs of your boots, the BootBuddy scraping tool will shift that mud before moving your clean up job on to the brush for a perfect finish.

    How do I make my BootBuddy watertight and then open it to get water out? 

    The brush end of your BootBuddy has a neck that twists to open and close the valve to either release water or to make your BootBuddy watertight. The neck twists anti-clockwise to open and clockwise to close. Make sure you’re holding your BootBuddy with the brush facing up before you open it.

    What shoes can I use my BootBuddy 2.0 on? 

    You can use your Boot Buddy 2.0 on any muddy footwear; boots, wellies, hiking shoes etc. We know that water and suede don’t mix so please bare that in mind if you are cleaning a shoe with any suede.