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Boot Buddy 3.0 Black + Three Detachable Brush Heads

Boot Buddy 3.0 Black + Three Detachable Brush Heads

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Clean Every Single Shoe in Your Collection With 3.0. 

Choose From 3 Different Brush Heads For Ultimate Cleaning Versatility. Each Brush Head Has Varying Thickness From Soft, Medium to Hard For Effective Cleaning of All Shoe Materials Including Leather, Patent, Suede & Nubuck.

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Boot Buddy 3.0 comes with three detachable brush heads with different strength bristles. Suitable for cleaning all types of footwear, from canvas and mesh to nubuck and suede. Each brush can be used alone or attached to the Boot Buddy body for additional water flow to remove more stubborn stains.

Yellow Brush, the soft one - great for canvas, leather, mesh and patent shoes as the bristles are gentle and won’t damage the material. Dip the bristles in a bowl of warm water that has been mixed with Boot Buddy’s cleaning solution to help create a lather that will eliminate audacious stains.

Blue Brush, the medium one – the choice for sturdy boots that have been having fun outdoors. Think hiking, football boots or golf shoes. Attach to the Boot Buddy body, fill the reservoir with water and take with you to clean off mud in seconds before you change your shoes.

Pink Brush, the tough one – good for nubuck and suede to remove dirt and dust without the need for water which can stain this type of material. Use as a standalone brush, completely dry, and brush away. Can also be used for the sole of all types of footwear to remove more stubborn dirt that has accumulated.

How To Use

How To Use:Unscrew the scraper end, fill with water and then screw the scraper back on Untwist the bristle end to open the head and unlock the water flow Squeeze the middle of the Boot Buddy to help water flow and clean your shoesIf you want to detail your shoes, simply remove the brush head and give your shoes a closer clean. This method works perfectly for trainers & sneakers. Use the cleaning solution where necessary, either inside your BootBuddy when doing a quick clean. Or in a bowl with a detached brush head if you're doing a close clean. 


Shipping Info

How long will it take to arrive after you've ordered your Boot Buddy?

All orders are shipped from our warehouse in the United States and arrive within 3 days of purchase.

Our products arrive in a 100% recyclable giftable box as shown !

What's Included:

1x Boot Buddy 3.0

1x Soft Bristle Brush Head

1x Medium Bristle Brush Head

1x Hard Bristle Brush Head

1x Shoe Cleaning Solution

1x Premium Cleaning Towel

1x Breathable Premium Mesh Bag For Storage & Washing Laces

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Frequently Asked

What can I use the scraping tool on? 

The scraping tool works really well on clogged up, difficult to dislodge mud and dirt. Whether this is in the treads of your sneakers or shoes or around the studs of your boots, the BootBuddy scraping tool will shift that mud before moving your clean up job on to the brush for a perfect finish.

How do I make my BootBuddy watertight and then open it to get water out? 

The brush end of your BootBuddy has a neck that twists to open and close the valve to either release water or to make your BootBuddy watertight. The neck twists anti-clockwise to open and clockwise to close. Make sure you’re holding your BootBuddy with the brush facing up before you open it.

What shoes can I use my BootBuddy 2.0 on? 

You can use your Boot Buddy 2.0 on any muddy footwear; boots, wellies, hiking shoes etc. We know that water and suede don’t mix so please bare that in mind if you are cleaning a shoe with any suede.